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Hydroseeding grass by Lupine Lawn Care

core aeration

 Core aeration pulls thousands of turf cores out of your lawn.  This provides an area for plant roots to grow further into the soil.  The deeper the root, the more stable the plant will be.  This aids in finding water in the soil as opposed to using only surface water and ultimately, makes the grass more drought tolerant.  

Another benefit of core aeration is, as the plug leaves the turf, oxygen is able to penetrate into the root system of surrounding plants.  Turfgrass, being rhyzominous, will spread at the roots, through the plug holes, to produce new grass shoots at the surface.  These new shoots provide a thicker, denser lawn.  Lupine always recommends applying our organic fertilizer and overseeding post aeration.  This will assure the seed and fertilizer penetrate through the soil surface.

Lupine provides fast affordable lawn aeration services to Durango, CO.
Aeration is one of the most effective ways to maintain healthy turf. Lupine can aerate deeper and faster than most companies with their hydraulic aeration machines.
Animas Valley, Red Rock Ranch, Durango, CO 81301
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