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Hydroseeding grass by Lupine Lawn Care


 Overseeding has been proven to be a beneficial step to reduce the weeds in your lawn.  By making the turf more dense the weeds do not have as great of a chance to grow.  Our seed is produced by a family owned farm in Dolores, CO.  Southwest Seed (, provides us with custom seed blends designed specifically for your location and needs.



Both seasons have their benefits to growing from seed.  Spring seeding can be after core aeration and prior to topdressing.  This will ensure less compaction and soil-seed contact.  Irrigation is key for seeding this time of year, because, as we know, you can't depend of the weather.     Fall seeding or dormant seeding is done generally from November-February in Southwest Colorado.   The objective of this type of seeding is to seed before or during the snowfall and to have that snow push the seed into the soil.  When the snow melts in the spring, this provides the seed with water to begin it's germination.  We've had great success with dormant seeding Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and Perennial Rye in Durango

Lupine has been a leader in turf overseeding and hydroseeding in Durango, CO.
Hydroseeding and overseeding Durango, CO by Lupine Lawn Care.
Overseeding and Hydroseeding in La Plata County Southwest Colorado.

Overseeding to increase turf density

Spring Overseeding


Fall Overseeding  


The final results are only as good as the preparation of the project. We will typically overseed smaller projects or spot seed area's that would not meet our minimum hydroseed requirements. The results from hydroseeding are superior for a new project but for increasing density, overseeding with a slit seeder may be a solution. For a compete understanding of our hydroseeding process 




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