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Hydroseeding grass by Lupine Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance

Lupine Lawn Care can assist in monitoring your irrigation system.

Our lawn maintenance programs are scheduled at weekly and bi-weekly intervals.  Scheduling is done via software that builds the schedules for the entire season upon entry.  Crews perform mowing operations the same day of the week every week throughout the season.  Mowing, trimming, and blowing are the standard operations for this service. 

Irrigation on property maintained by Lupine Lawn Care.
Durango lawn maintenance programs to fit your needs.
Durango's professional mowing company.

Our crews are professionally trained and crew leaders/supervisors must have at least 5 years in the industry.  We use Exmark mowers, that have been proven in the industry.  Our crews have been taught to observe warning signals of various turf problems.  We will advise or adjust irrigation patterns and cycles specific for your lawn.

Lupine Lawn Care sharpens mower blades every day to maintain the highest quality cut.
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