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Hydroseeding grass by Lupine Lawn Care




The Past

Lupine Lawn Care was founded in 1998.  Formerly Lupine Landscaping, Lupine Lawn Care began to build a name for itself as the premier natural lawn care service in the Durango and Bayfield areas.   In 2003, the company was purchased by current owner Steve Polites.  Steve had a distinct vision for the company.  Surprised by the lack of natural lawn care options in La Plata County, he sought to advance our region's offerings by researching effective ways to provide the area with natural, healthy turf.  Growing up in Ohio, Steve was accustomed to expansive lawns sustained by fertile soil.  After realizing the benefits of healthy turf, he synthesized his knowledge of turfgrass in Ohio and the research conducted on local soil types to cultivate sustainable, healthy lawns.  By 2004, Lupine was using only organic fertilizers on client lawns.  In addition to organic fertilizer programs, we began offering aeration, overseeding, and topdressing services.  We enjoyed steady and responsible growth from 2004 to current years.  This drive and commitment to excellence is what allows us to be the leading lawn maintenance force in the area.

The Present

Responsible growth is about timing.  By keeping our quality high and pricing competitive, we came up with our motto "Mow for your money."   We maintain high quality through employing a highly qualified staff.  Keith Blow, provides his crews with a wealth of knowledge and demonstrates commitment to both Lupine Lawn Care and our clients.  Professional development is a top priority.  Our staff attends national conferences that supply the highest level of education and certification in the industry.  Our staff delivers over 35 years of turf experience to the area.

Lupine Lawn Care realizes, being in a service driven industry, we cannot only focus on a profit-centric bottom line in order to be sustainable.  We maintain competitive pricing by implementing the triple bottom line framework.  Utilizing the triple bottom line means we consider people, planet, and profit to measure our economic success.  Networking with community business allows us to purchase in bulk and pass the savings to our stakeholders.  LEAN systems have been adopted throughout the company.  Details matter.  From our daily routes to the organization of our production trailers, we have streamlined every activity.  We have moved our operations base to a more centralized location to reduce fuel (emissions) and travel (labor) costs for the benefit of our stakeholders and to meet our triple bottom line.  

Lupine Lawn Care provides professional lawn maintenance services in Durango, CO.
Company Memberships
  • NALP Member. National Association of Landscape Professionals. 10 years.

  • NALP Safe Company Program Member and award recipient. 

  • IAHP Member. International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals. 3 years.

  • Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician – National. Steve Polites and Mike Glowac.

  • (In progress) IAHP-Certified Hydroseeding Professional Certification.

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