What is hydroseeding?

HydroSeeding is a seeding process where seed and any combination of fertilizer, moisture retention polymers, tackifiers, and other additives are combined with water and a hydroseeding mulch to form a slurry that is sprayed onto the ground to establish vegetation and/or control erosion. The slurry is mixed into a hydroseeding machine onsite. Seed options vary from turf grass blends to wildflower mix. The hydro mulch can be a wood fiber, paper (cellulose) or a mixture of paper and wood fiber. We also have specialty erosion mulches for hillside applications such as BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix). These BFM's can be applied to much steeper slopes with results greater than erosion control blankets. 


hydroseeding costs

Hydroseeding is the most cost effective seeding method without sacrificing results. Hydroseeding is typically sold by the square foot or bid price. The average price per sq ft varies depending on seed type, slopes, accessibility, and water resource. Hydroseeding is typically 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of sod with overall superior results.


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