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Hydroseeding grass by Lupine Lawn Care


Lawn maintenance programs from Lupine Lawn Care. Durango, CO.
Lupine has been providing lawn aeration service since 1998.
Core Aeration

Core aeration pulls thousands of turf cores out of your lawn.  This provides an area for plant roots to grow further into the soil.  The deeper the root, the more stable the plant will be.

Lupine Lawn Care uses a custom blended and branded fertilizer designed for our soil.
Overseeding or hydroseeding, Lupine Lawn Care can assist in making your lawn beautiful.

Overseeding has been proven to be a beneficial "step" to reduce the weeds in your lawn.  By making the turf more dense the weeds do not have as great of a chance to grow.

Lawn Dethatching Durango, CO
Hydroseeding Durango La Plata County Southwest Colorado

Hydroseeding is an excellent alternative to sodding with results that over time are even superior.

Lupine provides Spring and Fall leaf clean up in Durango, CO.
Durango Turf Consulting by Lupine Lawn Care professionals.
Turf Consultation

Lupine Lawn Care offers Turf Consulting Services. Lab soil analysis...

Lawn maintenance

 Our lawn maintenance programs are scheduled at weekly and bi-weekly intervals.  Scheduling is done via software that builds the schedules for the entire season upon entry

organic fertilizer

 When it comes down to it, you can't grow healthy grass without fertilizer...and healthy soil.  The turf industry has been chasing down "green grass fast" idea's for years.

The biggest myth about thatch is how it got there.

Spring/fall clean up

Spring and Fall Clean Up Services are available at hourly rates. Lupine has specialized...

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